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Who We Are​

About Us

The Law Offices of Meghan D. Smith is a full-service law firm that offers a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses in the CT area. The office was started by Meghan D. Smith, who has been working in the field for over 20 years, and has been through many of these sensitive issues herself. Because of that, she has a different perspective on the cases and prides herself on fighting for people as if it’s her own assets, money, or problems. 

Whether you’ve been accused of a crime or are dealing with difficult divorce proceedings, legal problems can be a real pain. We are a team of experienced divorce lawyers in CT who are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible representation.

We believe that every client deserves personalized attention, and we strive to provide each one with the individualized service they deserve. Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for our clients, and we are committed to fighting for their rights. 



We Defend Your Rights Every Step of the Way!

Need a divorce lawyer in CT? Look no further than our Connecticut family law firm. We provide expert legal services for any divorce-related issue, whether it’s property division, child custody, or alimony. We understand that going through a divorce can be a tough time, so we’ll do everything we can to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


At the Law Offices of Meghan D. Smith, our team prides ourselves on providing knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to create a strong case. From the initial phase of deciding to opt for a divorce to ending up in the courtroom and the frequent divorce trials, the entire process of getting a divorce can be highly challenging. We understand that this decision and the entire process isn’t easy, and we aim to back you up throughout the process.

Whether it was a short marriage, or a 50 year marriage, every member involved in this decision is evidently affected. Our law firm understands that this process may not be easy for you, and so we are committed to offering you our qualified divorce lawyer Connecticut team.

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A Connecticut Law Firm Committed to Excellence

Our divorce law firm focuses on not only helping you get through every process involved in getting a divorce, but we also focus on handling every stage of your divorce in an efficient and timely manner. Our entire team of divorce attorneys in CT is highly skilled and experienced in handling divorce cases of all sorts in a smooth and professional manner.

You can count on our professional attorneys to offer you complete resources and support, making every step of the way smooth and tolerable for you. Our main goal is to offer you high quality legal services to help make your divorce process more manageable and in your favor. Contact us today to get more insight into our legal services and how we can help you get through this challenging stage of life in a smooth and efficient manner.

Our divorce lawyers in CT never hesitate to back you up in the critical stages of your divorce case, no matter how complex or simple the appeal may be. Let our professional team of attorneys handle the legal matter for you and your family, making sure your rights and interests aren’t compromised in this difficult time. Schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Meghan D. Smith to discuss further details with our team of attorneys for legal separation in CT.


Qualified Family Law Attorneys in CT ​

Are you looking for professional attorneys that can help you in your legal separation in CT? With over 20 years of experience as a divorce attorney in CT, our team of professional family law attorneys has you backed up throughout your separation case. As a team of attorneys specializing in family law, we help you seek justice and freedom in several types of domestic issues, helping you seek legal aid without any complications.

At the Law Offices of Meghan D. Smith, we pride ourselves on offering you a team of attorneys that can effectively handle your divorce mediation CT case for you, keeping the legal matter the least of your worries. Our professional attorneys hold the knowledge and expertise needed to handle all kinds of divorce cases and legal matters in CT, whether you need an attorney to support you for divorce litigation and mediation or a professional lawyer to get through the custody and postnuptial agreements. Our team of lawyers are available to provide you with the needed consultation and legal services. Request your consultation today!

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Navigating the Divorce Process with Ease​

Depending on your and your spouse’s agreements and circumstances during the divorce, the legal proceedings and challenges may be more or less intense. We understand that such situations can bring an extended amount of stress and uncertainty for both partners, significantly impacting every member of the family, including kids.

Moreover, understanding and dealing with all the laws that regulate family law and divorce proceedings can welcome a never-ending cycle of stress and complications. But with the help and strong support of a proficient family law attorney from the Law Offices of Meghan D. Smith, you can be sure that your decision to proceed with a divorce isn’t the beginning of additional misery and legal injustice for you. We aim to make our best effort not only to provide legal assistance and advocate for you throughout the legal process but also to protect your and your family’s rights throughout the divorce mediation CT case.

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Since every client going through the complex and stressful phase of a divorce deserves reliable legal support; we aim to serve you as your reliable legal advocate in CT.

As you face divorce and get through the most challenging decision of your personal life while keeping up with your professional matters, we focus on pushing the legal matters to make them work in your favor. You can be sure that making this decision is the only difficult choice you will make while we handle the further proceedings, personal injury and family law matters throughout your legal separation in CT.

For more details, contact us to request a consultation with our professional attorneys today.

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Experience Matters

The Law Offices of Meghan D. Smith has one of the experienced teams of divorce attorneys in Connecticut. 


Trusted Legal Advocates for Your Divorce in CT​

Choosing to opt for a divorce can be uncomfortable and challenging. In this unfortunate event that you chose to step in today for a better tomorrow, it’s important to consider legal advocating service and solid legal support to ensure that your rights aren’t compromised. We, as a team of professional divorce mediation Connecticut lawyers, pride ourselves in making your journey of getting a divorce uncompromised with your rights and interests. As professional divorce CT lawyers, there is no higher duty for us than to provide you with the most reliable and trustable legal representation in the courts.

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Once you choose to connect and consult with a divorce lawyer Connecticut, you will better be able to understand and plan your divorce phase along with the rights and interests linked with each proceeding. Most importantly, as you face divorce, you may want to be reasonable and fair while protecting your assets and rights at all costs. By connecting and consulting with one of our divorce lawyers Connecticut, you can navigate the law with the help and insights offered by an experienced attorney. So in this process of stepping into a new phase of your life and starting it over, you don’t have to struggle alone. As professional divorce lawyers in CT, we are always ready to offer you our legal support to the very end.

We pride ourselves in helping you get a good start for the new beginnings you have chosen to step in. To request a consultation today and let us guide you through the legal process and stages, ensuring that you only get what is best for your family!
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Practice Areas

If you’re looking for some of the best divorce lawyers in Connecticut, look no further. We practice what we preach around here. Our areas of expertise in divorce law are pretty vast. When it comes to giving legal advice to our clients, we make sure that we know what we’re talking about. 

We’ve seen it all, from high-asset divorces to messy custody or child support battles. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty when it comes to dealing with the nitty-gritty details of each case. In other words, we know divorce law inside out and upside down. So, if you’re looking for a Connecticut family lawyer who can handle whatever comes their way, give us a call. We’re confident that we can help you through this difficult time in your life.

How It Works

Backed by decades of combined experience and talent, our divorce lawyers have experience with all types of family law cases and divorce arrangements. When it comes to a court case, there are not many guarantees. That doesn’t mean we can’t promise to give it our best shot, as many times we are able to win. We’ll never sugarcoat the truth or make false promises – if we don’t think you have a chance, we’ll tell you straight up.

However, if we believe in your case, we’ll fight tooth and nail to get you the outcome you deserve. 


When we first meet with you to understand your situation and goals, we’ll propose a set of solutions so you can choose what feels best. From there, we'll work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs and the government's requirements. Book a free consultation below.


We’ll make it easy to communicate and for you to provide documents and information. We'll work with you one-on-one in person, guiding your application through an efficient review process that will be tailored specifically to what works best for your case.


After you sign and finalize your application with us, we will diligently keep you updated on the process. We can accompany you to any interviews that take place in the United States as well. No matter what part of this journey, we will be by your side every step of the way.


Winning your case is a wonderful moment to celebrate. We’ll make sure you understand what comes next and if you need to do anything else. We’ll stay close and you can rely on us to update you in advance of any action you’ll need to take following the win of your case.

Contact us today to learn our practice areas and request a free consultation, and let’s see what our team of divorce lawyers in CT can do for you. Our legal team would be happy to discuss your case and see how we can help you.